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"Holiday highlight"

"Unanimously decided as the best holiday activity so far. We have now been back again (for a double session!) and it has been chosen by the youngest girl (11) to be the place to have her next birthday."

"So Much Fun"

"We had an incredible time there, so much more fun then we thought, amazing service and good location. Thank you!"

“Blokart Expereince”

"Fantastic if you like speed and fun with the ability to learn how to control the speed you go round by using the wind. A great activity to do with a group of competitive friends/family or just as a couple. I even tipped the blokart over and came to no harm just as they had said in the safety briefing, I just let go of the rope and held onto the handles. They got me back on track and I was off again. I'm female and 55 so if I can do it, anyone can, you won't regret it."

“Good Fun”

"Tried the Blokart yesterday with my father and while it took us a few minutes to get used to it, we quickly managed to have some fun and play with the wind. It's very easy to drive and you don't need any experience at all, it liratally takes a few minutes to get used to it. Sometimes your cart almost gets off the ground when you are hit my à strong gust.
Would definitely go again, especially for the value. Make sure you pick a windy day."

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