We know that break-ups are hard. This is your last chance to really savour that quality lad time before your stag says goodbye to bachelorhood and swears allegiance to his new master.


BayStation & BayActive are here to help you celebrate his last moments of freedom with some adrenaline pumping activities, not-so-friendly competition and a few beersies along the way!

BayStation activities include Drift Trikes, Paintball, Laser Tag and Blokarts. BayActive bring their game face with the sports and games listed to the right.

All activities are run on site at Trustpower Baypark and we can add catering and beverages to suit.

BayActive Sports & Games

Backboard Ball
Indoor Football
Tug O War
Turbo Touch
Floorball (Indoor Hockey)
Indoor Carpet Bowls

BayStation Activities

Laser Tag
Drift Trikes


Ultimate Full Day Stag Package

Does your stag act like the king of the forest with an unusually large…set of antlers? Is your stag all swag and no action? Then dust off your hunting gear and put your stag through his paces with our Ultimate Full Day Stag Package.

Package includes:

  • Choice of two BayStation activities
  • Choice of three sports (90 mins)
  • Tug of war


Fun Fact: Stags have a 310-degree wide angle of vision with impressive night vision.


Half Day Honey Badger Package

Does your stag think he is fierce and invincible? Can he run the paintball gauntlet with the stealth and grace of a honey badger (costumes welcome and highly encouraged)? Put your stag’s survival skills to the test with the Half Day Honey Badger Package.

Package includes:

  • Choice of one BayStation activity
  • Choice of two sports (60 mins)


Fun Fact: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, honey badgers are the world’s most fearless creature.


Guzzly Beer Package

Is your stag a bit rough round the edges? Can he consume yeasty carbonated beverages at surprising speed whilst participating in some adrenaline pumping activities? Then the Guzzly Beer package is for you!

Fun Fact: Grizzly bears eat almost 20,000 calories a day.

Package Option 1 includes:

  • Drift Trikes
  • Choice of one sport (30 mins)
  • 2 x beers per person and snacks


Package Option 2 includes:

  • Paintball
  • Choice of one sport (30 mins)
  • 2 x beers per person and snacks


*Price based on a group of 15-20 adults. Unless stated above, catering and beverages are an additional cost.

Please note; it is our expectation that no one in your party is under the influence of any substance prior to undertaking any of our activities. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person(s)..

Contact us using the form below for a quote that’s relevant to your group.
We can also Mix & Match our activities to create a totally unique stag do package.



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