Welcome to BayStation!

The home of Blokart Sailing and Electric Drift Trikes

The Bay of Plenty's home of blokarts and drift trikes!

The electric drift trikes are our unique three-wheeled machines that have low-traction rear wheels so you can skid around our specialised track!
We also have our new Blokart track up and running, Blokarts are a fun, fast, compact wind-powered kart that are perfect for when it is too windy to be at the beach or out on the boat.
If you're keen to come and have a go, book now online and come and see us!

BayStation was formerly known as Blokart Recreation Park. The latest attraction to Trustpower Baypark our awesome drift track gives us the ability to operate the electric drift trikes in any weather and at any time of the day.

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 2pm* - 6:30pm
Weekends: 10am - 6:30pm
School & Public Holidays: 10am - 6:30pm

*before 2pm by appointment only

Blokarts and Drift Trikes Available Now!

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blokart Sailing

  • blokarts are a fun, fast, compact wind powered go-kart.
  • blokart sailing is very easy and can be done by pretty much everyone.
  • Impress your mates with a unique, exciting and truly home grown invention!

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Drift Trikes

  • There's no need to rely on the wind at BayStation thanks to Drift Trikes!
  • Three wheeled trikes powered by an electric front wheel with unique drifting rear wheels
  • Another invention from right here in the Bay of Plenty

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